Monday, 15 September 2014

Police Checks - Can I get a Job Without One?

Consider the scenario where you have been out of work for a number of months and each week without fail you apply online for jobs. Then out of the blue, so it seems, you get that call from the agency!

It's your lucky day! Or is it?

Are you available to come in for an interview? Of course you are! You're always fact, born ready! So you get the suit and tie on (even though we all know that only bankers and those interviewing for jobs wear suits) and off you go with CV in hand. If you've been through one interview, you've been through at least one hundred of them, but today is your lucky day!

What could possibly go wrong?

...Phone on silent.

...CV freshly printed and even in a document holder.

...Tie correctly tied (in fact its been tied correctly for at least 5 years since your mum first tied it).

...Shirt pressed.

...Shoes shined.

Today is the big day.

So you walk into the recruiters office thinking you've got it bagged until you approach the notice just around the corner there's a queue of job seekers. All dressed impeccably, polished shoes, some with brief cases (they still use those?) and all staring down into their mobile devices pretending (perhaps) to look busy or as if to portray they've got an urgent meeting following this interview so hopefully it won't take long.

Confident, and not really demoralised, you take a seat next to a sophisticated looking chap who seems to be rechecking his CV as if he could really fix it if he found a typo. But then again, if he wrote it himself, why would he really need to be reviewing it in the first place?

Not to be outdone, you take a quick squiz down at yours to make sure you didn't do the unthinkable like misspell your name and email address, or accidently pick up from the printer the cover letter for the previous job you applied for last week. What an idiot you'd look like...right...errrrr.

So your name is called, a pleasant looking recruiter who themselves looks like this is their first job (how does that work?...they are going to help ME find a job when they themselves have never held one down in the real work force??). Nonetheless, you get up, exchange pleasantries, and head in for the interview.

The interview goes've got the standard responses all down pat. Somewhere along the line you heard from a previous boss that its always good to go into an interview knowing what you want to tell them, and regardless of what they ask, you simply tell them the answer you've already planned...good advice...but I wonder where that guy is today!

So things are about to wrap up. You hand over a copy of your CV...knowing full well they'll can it because nobody does paper anymore, and then the big question hits you like a ton of bricks...

Have you got a police check done within the past 3 months?

What? Three months? Who the heck has ever heard that? current police check and we can't put your name forward!

Your heart starts to race as you think of something to say, but all you can think of is, where the heck can I get one done and can I do it online? Who cares what it costs...and how long until I can get the results...a PDF is fine...

The answer is simple. Get your police check online at Veritas Check...


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