Friday, 6 January 2017

Are you Job Ready? Can a National Police Check Make you Job Ready?

As we welcome in 2017, there are many folks who are looking forward to a better year and a better economy. Long past are the days of the so called "two speed economy"...particularly in Western Australia where a combination of the mining and oil & gas industries helped to transform the state (and national) economies into powerhouses. As the jobs and employment opportunities have now well and truly come to a simmer, the market has now become an employers' market where they, not the workers, dictate the rules for engagement.

During the days of the "two speed economy" where skilled labour was in short supply, workers dictated the rules:

- Do I get a per diem rate for meals and allowances?
- Do I get paid for travel to and from site?
- Is there a gym on site?
- Do I get a new laptop and the latest iPhone so that I can keep in touch with my loved ones who I will only see once every 6 weeks?

And of course, will you be paying me 150% more than what I wold normally make in a slower economy because if you don't, the company next door will!

That was the reality of an out-of-control labour market.

Now, the labour market must sharpen it's pencils and prove that it has what it takes to run the distance. Rather than there now being one worker for every 2.1 jobs available, there are perhaps 12.5 workers available for every one job in resources. And who will get that job? The worker who can drive every piece of equipment. The worker who is reliable and honest. And the worker who not necessarily has worked for every mining company in town (sometimes, too many short term jobs on your CV means that you couldn't hold a job down...or perhaps were always chasing that next iPhone!).

The reality is that character matters. Some companies in fact are NOT looking for the know, the worker who has spent 25 years on the tools. Why not? Because that worker tends to do things their way!

Companies today are calling the shots. After all, it is an employers market! And what better way than showing what your character is made of than by providing a national police check. Provide one when you provide your CV. Do something a bit different to set yourself apart, not only from having a clean record...but by taking the initiative.

Not sure if you have a clean record? Check yourself out...for as little as a small investment, you can find out in 60 seconds or less by applying online at Veritas Check today.